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Pala Wood Fired Pizza

1. Margherita
£5.49Add +
Tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella
2. Prosciutto E Funghi
£8.49Add +
Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, prosciutto ham and mushrooms
3. Napolitana£8.49Add +Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, olives, capers and anchovies
4. Diavola
£8.49Add +
Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, pepperoni, and roasted mushrooms
5. Tropicale£8.49Add +Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, pineapple and prosciutto ham
6. Pepperoni£8.99Add +Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce and double pepperoni
7. Pollo£8.99Add +Fresh mozzarella, pesto sauce, roasted sweet peppers, roasted chicken and sweetcorn
8. Vegetarian Classic£8.99Add +Fresh mozzarella, roasted onion, roasted mushroom, sweet pepper and sweetcorn
9. Chicken Supreme£8.99Add +Fresh mozzarella, roasted chicken, roasted onion, roasted mushroom and sweet pepper
10. Quattro Formaggi£8.99Add +Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, goat cheese, gorgonzola and parmesan cheese
11. Salsa Barbeque£8.99Add +BBQ sauce, fresh mozzarella, spring onion, roasted chicken, roasted peppers and bacon
12. Verdura£8.99Add +Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, baby spinach, feta cheese and sun dried tomato
13. Bufala£8.99Add +Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella and basil
14. Fiorentina£8.99Add +Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, baby spinach, goat's cheese, olives and free range eggs
15. Vegetariana£8.99Add +Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, roasted aubergine, roasted mushroom, roasted red onion, roasted courgettes and olives
16. Siciliana£8.99Add +Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, sun dried tomato, roasted aubergine, roasted courgettes and olives
17. Primavera£8.99Add +Tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, rocket, parma ham and parmesan
18. Vegetarian Hot£8.99Add +Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, roasted red onion, chilli, roasted mix peppers, jalapeno and roasted mushroom
19. Carciofo£8.99Add +Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, artichokes, mushroom, olives and garlic
20. Rucola E Pancetta£10.49Add +Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, rocket, Italian bacon and parmesan shaving
21. Capricciosa£10.49Add +Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, proscuitto ham, salami napoli, roasted peppers, olives and boiled free range eggs
22. Mexicana£10.49Add +Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, pepperoni, chilli, roasted mix peppers and cherry tomatoes
23. IL Padrino£10.49Add +Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, proscuitto ham, pepperoni, salami napoli and roasted chicken
24. Rustica£10.49Add +Tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, cherry tomato, buffalo mozzarella, salami napoli and rocket
25. Pala Seafood£10.49Add +Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, king prawns, smokey salmon and anchovies (you can add garlic)
26. Pescatore£10.49Add +Tomato sauce, mussels, clams, squid, prawns, garlic and olives
27. Pala Special£10.49Add +Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, proscuitto ham, pepperoni, salami, roasted aubergine, courgette, red onions and mushrooms
28. Gorgonzola£8.99Add +Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, pepperoni, gorgonzola, chilli and cheese
29. Cipolle£8.99Add +Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, tuna and red onions
30. Quattro Pepper£8.99Add +Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, mix pepper, jalapeno, chilli and Greek green pickled peppers
Calzone Vegetarian£10.50Add +Tomato sauce, mozzarella, roasted aubergine, roasted green pepper and roasted onion
Calzone Meat£10.50Add +Tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, salami and proscuitto ham
Focaccia£2.00Add +Pizza base bread smeared with organic garlic butter
Focaccia E Mozzarella
£3.00Add +
Pizza base bread smeared with organic garlic butter and mozzarella
Bruschetta£4.00Add +Pizza base bread topped with cherry tomatoes, garlic and basil
Parmigiana£4.00Add +Roasted aubergines, home made tomato sauce and parmesan cheese
Alette di Pollo£3.50Add +Marinated chicken wings, roasted in a wood fired oven
Chicken Strips (6)£3.99Add +
Salmon Fillet£4.50Add +Fresh salmon fillet roasted on wood fire with garlic flavour
Patatine (Potato Wedges)£2.70Add +
Breaded Mozzarella Sticks (7)£3.80Add +
Potato Skin with Cheese (4)£3.50Add +
Garlic Mushroom with Cheese (3)£3.50Add +
Jalapeno Cream Cheese (7)£3.50Add +
Chilli Cheese Bites (7)£3.50Add +
Onion Rings (10)£2.50Add +
BBQ Spare Ribs£4.50Add +Roasted in a wood fire oven
Chips£2.00Add +
Chips & Cheese£3.00Add +
Dips£0.35Add +
Insalata Salads£4.00Add +Choice of dressings of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and Caesar dressing
Mozzarella E Pomodori£4.50Add +Buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomato and fresh basil
Insalata di Pollo£3.50Add +Mixed leaf lettuce, grilled chicken, sweetcorn and olives
Feta£3.50Add +Mixed leaf lettuce with onion, cucumber and feta cheese
Insalata Mista£4.00Add +Mixed lettuce with onion, cherry tomatoes and cucumber
Rucola E Parmigiano£4.00Add +Rocket salad with shaved parmesan and cherry tomatoes
Sweet & Crunchy Salad£3.50Add +Red Cabbage, carrots and lettuce
Coleslaw£1.80Add +
Penne Bolognese£6.49Add +Penne with bolognese sauce and mozzarella cooked in wood fire oven
Meat Lasagne£6.49Add +Layers of pasta with meat tomato sauce, bechamel sauce and mozzarella gently cooked in a wood fire oven
Veg Lasagne£6.49Add +Layers of pasta with a mix of oven roasted vegetable with tomato sauce, bechamel sauce and mozzarella
Tiramisu£3.00Add +Savoiardi biscuits softened with strong espresso coffee, layered with our special cream and topped with cocoa powder
Strawberry Cheese Cake£3.00Add +Italian strawberry cheese cake
Torta al Cioccolato£3.00Add +Italian home made chocolate cake
San Pellagrino£1.20Add +500ml Sparkling mineral water
Aranciata£1.10Add +330ml Sparkling orange
Limonata£1.10Add +330ml Sparkling lemonade
Cans£0.80Add +330ml
Water£0.70Add +
Harrogate Spring Water£1.20Add +
Bottles£1.99Add +1.5ltr